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Texoma Breast Care, previously Breast Center of Texoma, is North Texas' first full-service Breast Imaging Center.  Our staff is dedicated to the excellence in care of the breast patient.  We not only feature full-service breast imaging, but we also feature the complete clinical patient examination and follow-up of benign and malignant breast disease as well as surgical intervention when necessary.


              Breast Specific Molecular Imaging - Dillon


Breast Specific Molecular Imaging (BSMI) is one of the most recent advances in breast imaging and Texoma Breast Care in conjunction with Kell West Regional Hospital is one of the few breast centers in Texas with this technology.





BSMI studies the breast at the molecular level and provides information that no other breast imaging modality can. With 99% accuracy, it can image breast cancers as small as 3mm when other study modalities are negative. This highly sensitive exam is a great tool to complement mammography and ultrasonography in the early detection of breast cancer. Evaluating the dense breast presents the biggest challenge to all breast centers and Breast Specific Molecular Imaging allows us to better accept and meet that challenge.